Scientific interest: mathematical modelling and numerical simulation (solidification processes), computer control systems, computer management tools.
Author and co-author of above 60 articles in journals and international conference proceedings.

Science (Ph.D.-1973-AGH-Kraków):
Foundry Research Institute :
Software elaborator[1965-70];
Head of Software Laboratory [1974-79];
Head of Designing Computer Systems Department[1980-1986];
Scientific worker in area of computer systems[1986-2003].

Scientific worker of University of Mining and Metallurgy [2004-2007]

Out of science:
Worker of Management Department in Factory of Fittings –[1963-65];
Teacher of mathematic and software language (Middle School) [1964-65,1970];
Lecturer of UNIDO–FRI-Kraków, 1988.

International experience:
• Secretary of the international conferences International Conference on “Simulation Designing and Control of Foundry Processes” : FOCOMP'86(book), FOCOMP'99 (book) ; FOCOMP'06 (book) ;
• MINISYMPOZJUM : Special session on computer-aided methods of production for foundry industry, MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL OF PRODUCTION AND LOGISTICS,Grenoble-2000 (co-organizer)-Pergamon- IES, Ed.2001, ISBN 0-08-043621
• MINISYMPOZJUM :Numerical Methods and Tools for Testing Products of Industrial Castings ;
• The 5-th –International ESAFORM Conference–2002(co-organizer) -AGH-Kraków,2002, ISBN 83-7108-098-0.
• International project:"COPERNICUS" -Casting of High Quality Parts with Gaseous Counter-Pressure Casting Process using Numerical Simulation" (co-organizer);
• Participation in elaboration EU projects:
         o IMALCO: Intelligent Maintenance for Life Cycle Optimisation (2001);
         o MIND: Management, Interaction and Negotiation in Dynamic Organisational;
• The idea of Virtual Teams I presented on CE 2003 10th ISNE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CONCURRENT ENGINEERING, Portugal 26-30 July,2003.

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